Helly Hansen Flagship store

This project was made as a Design assessment for the Master Interior architecture and Retail design. The assessment was to chose a brand and design a flagship store for it. The only design limitation was the size limit of 750 M3. Further there was asked to have a reason for every decision taken and look critical at the chosen brand.

As a brand I chose Helly Hansen to work with, my motivation for this is to find in my personal interest. As a child I already learned sailing when I was 6 years old. Sailing plays a large role in my personal life. In summer weekends you can often find me on my Hobie 16 catamaran enjoying the speed the wind the water and the sun.

The project started with a deep brand research, analyzing Helly Hansen's history, advertisement, labels, goals, vision and mission and their current store design. I tried to research the brand as deep as possible and had a look at their competitors.

The most important part of the project is the concept, I worked on a concept that offers the brand another view on their traditional way of retailing. My goal with the concept was to create an interesting architectural design, surprise the visitors and create an experience.

Inspiration for the design I found in the start of a sailing race. The start of a sailing race is the most exciting moment of the race. During the start competitors are very close together and therefore this moment offers interesting, dynamic images. In sketches I made different pictures of 'starting moments' abstract and translated them into a 3d design.

The target group for the Helly Hansen brand store are people visiting sailing events. These people can be; hobby sailors, regular families, youth and elderly people. All will share the interest in sports. The Helly Hansen brand store offers visitors a 'moment' into the world of professional sailing. Different communication media tell the story of the brand and visualize the vision of Helly Hansen.